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If you have surplus replacement parts Eminia Trading is the right company for you. We buy all kind of parts of any OE brand. You can contact us directly or send us a list with the products you want to sell at info@eminiatrading.com. We will get back to you with a quote in a timely manner. We are very flexible when it comes to payment terms, starting with 50 % pre-payment and up to 100 %. We also cover the shipping expenses.


If you are in need of OE replacement parts (all kind of filters, brake pads, brake discs, belts, plugs and other parts) we are here to provide you with them. As we deal in surplus business, we provide you much lower prices comparing to your regular dealers, but at the same time you can be sure of the quality, as we deal only with OE parts. You can contact us directly to discuss with a sales representative or you can mail at info@eminiatrading.com to let us know what you need. We will get back to you with an offer in a timely manner.